“Reach for the sky!”

I am the Senior Pastor at Oakway United in Wesminster, SC. I have been married to my wife, Karen, since 1999(after years of begging and pleading with her) and we have 3 beautiful children:  Milena(2003), Charis(2003)-yup, twins!, and Drake(2007).  I love reading Batman comics, playing(and winning) fantasy sports, blogging, spending time with my family, calling into WCCP FM and lamenting all the years I’ve wasted on Clemson sports.  I try to work in some TV and movies here and there to stay sharp as the world’s greatest “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” player.  I’ve forgotten more useless information than you remember, freestyle rap on command, and tell amusing stories.  I podcast about 2 of my passions, wrestling and discipleship.  I know, could there be 2 more different topics.  You can catch me on the Double Dropkick Show and Groundswell each and every week.

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