The Christian Conference I Would Love to Attend

The Christian conference I would love to attend

Well, it’s that time of year again:  Christian Conference season.  Actually, according to this there is no off-season anymore for Christian conferences.  They are a big deal and big business plus you never know who you’re going to see there.  Here’s a list of 8 great conferences.  I will be going down to Exponential in Orlando with my wife and several hundred Wesleyans.  I’ll be the guy walking around with a camera and a mic.  I’m also attending the InCite Conference at newhope church in Durham, NC this June.  I recently got an invite to conference this fall that I have never attended.  I was intrigued, but ultimately disappointed when I looked at what they were offering.  With that in mind here is the Christian Conference I would pay big money to go to if anyone ever put it together.

Opening Session-Time of Repentance, Renewal, and Communion

Breakout Options:

  1. Helping people develop the fruits of the Spirit.
  2. Excellent Spirit led worship without it feeling like a concert or a performance.
  3. Gospel Centered and Parent Equipping Children’s and Youth Ministry that keeps graduates in the Church
  4. Creating a culture of generosity that isn’t centered on the Weekend offering.
  5. Helping people discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts.
  6. Leadership and Financial Transparency
  7. More than a checked box:  how to count salvations and baptisms honestly
  8. Preaching with authority
  9. Creating a culture and ministry that won’t burn volunteers out in the first 6 months.
  10. Communicating the vision Jesus has for the church without adding your 2 cents
  11. Membership that makes disciples instead of dictators
  12. How and why a growing church should bring a decline in certain statistics in your County and Community.
  13. Igniting spiritual growth that amazes, attracts, and scares your community without becoming a circus
  14. Training and Equipping people to train and equip people to make disciples.
  15. Responding to a Wesleyan Pastor who mocks your conference without calling him a “hater.”

Closing Session-Being filled and living in the power of the Holy Spirit

Now, there may be a Christian Conference out there that’s close to this and if so, let me know.  I’m almost tempted to get my own conference together because I am desperate for more in all of these areas…except #15.  I’m good on that.

Heath Mullikin is the pastor of Oakway United in Westminster, SC. He is married to Karen Mullikin and they have 3 children. He loves connecting with people via social media, internet marketing, watching movies, wrestling, and making his community a better place. He speaks at various youth camps and events across the country and has written 3 youth devotionals through Wesleyan Publishing House.

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