What is The Wesleyan Podcast Network?

If you follow me on Social Media then you’ve noticed some new projects and posts the last few weeks.  For the last few years, God had been laying my heart(and the hearts of others) the need for more Wesleyan podcasts.  How could we take the conversations happening at conferences and pastor’s meetings everywhere and bring them to the public.  How could we share and spread the hopes and dreams of a generation for their denomination by encouraging and resourcing the Church?  Now, there are lots of “Wesleyan” podcasts including those provided by Seedbed.  By the way, you may notice a familiar voice on some of the New Room Podcasts.  There are also some good ones like WesleyCast put out primarily by United Methodists.  What I was finding was a great big void in the Podcastsphere of Wesleyan podcasts from within our denomination.  There were lots of conversations, but no movement.  Around Thanksgiving 2016 the urge and drive to create something being almost unbearable and an impromptu conversation with my good friend Tim Kirkpatrick sealed the deal and the Wesleyan Podcast Network was born.  It started with the Wesleyan Potluck hosted by Tim and I where we talk about a variety of topics pertinent to the Wesleyan tribe.  Next came the Little Space with Deborah Rhodes.  These first 2 podcasts give you a small glimpse of the ultimate vision:  many voices with one mission.  Soon, Groundswell with Jeremy Summers will be relaunching and from there the Wesleyan Book Club and others are on the horizon.  I believe there are numerous prophetic and intelligent voices not being heard widely in the Church.  I believe there are lots of people who have the knack for podcasting who don’t even know it yet.  I believe God has called me to give a platform to those voices and perspectives and to tell the stories that need to be heard.  You can support the network financially through Patreon and by joining the Facebook Group and adding your voice to the conversation.  I’m excited about the future and grateful to be on the journey with you.